The Science Behind SR CarnoSyn®

CarnoSyn®’s sustained release formulation, SR CarnoSyn®, is poised to revolutionize the wellness market. Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (NAI) is proud to deliver a patented product that’s scientifically proven to provide multiple benefits in just one supplement. “We’re beyond the theory stage now with sustained release CarnoSyn®,” said Mark LeDoux, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for NAI. “We know what it does. We know how it does it.”

LeDoux is thrilled to share that SR CarnoSyn® still provides the many benefits of CarnoSyn® in its sustained release formulation. “We’re really excited about that because, in many respects, this is the new frontier,” said LeDoux. “When we secured our patents on the sustained release version of CarnoSyn®, we did so because we identified a mechanism by which to retard or greatly eliminate the potential for that tingly sensation which is also known medically as paresthesia.”

Clinically Proven Results

Scientific research played a fundamental role in the development of SR CarnoSyn®. Over 55 clinical studies and broad scientific evidence from over 3,300 scientific publications support the health benefits of SR CarnoSyn®. “We compiled all the studies and decided 2.4 grams is the essential daily dosage for everyone,” said Dr. Di Tan, Director of Scientific Affairs for CarnoSyn® Brands. Dr. Tan said that they will continue to explore the health benefits and investigate the mechanism behind the functions. “At the same time,” Dr. Tan continued, “we will also check the prototype for the new food applications so we can facilitate clients launching new products or provide the technical support.”

SR CarnoSyn Offers Multiple Benefits in One Single Supplement

In one single supplement, SR CarnoSyn® is proven to provide multiple health benefits. Supplementing with SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is the fastest, most effective way to increase carnosine levels in the body. “What we’ve done is create a very elegant product that when administered to people who are older, you can start deriving the benefits almost immediately,” LeDoux said, “by allowing the body to create additional muscle stores of carnosine which then attack all those additional concerns.”

Multiple Benefits in One:

Brain Health and Mood Improvement. Increases cognitive function and protects the brain through anti-glycation. Helps boost mental clarity, concentration, and alertness. Promotes a healthy response to everyday stress.*

Healthy Immunity Support and Systemic Health. Chelates heavy metals and works naturally within the body by providing multi-system support for the essential structure and function of healthy immunity. Antioxidant properties help protect against free radicals and boost the immune system to support a healthy immune response.*

Muscle and Bone Health. Promotes muscle quality and function–vital to supporting the frame, aiding balance, and maintaining strength for everyday activity. Helps prevent muscle deterioration associated with age. Preserves bones and joints through anti-glycation action. Contributes to overall skeletal integrity by directly protecting the bone structure and supporting muscle function.*

Heart Health. Enhances cardiovascular health by regulating muscle contractions and preventing lipid peroxidation. Also supports healthy circulation and already-healthy blood pressure levels through vasodilation.*

Delivering the Latest in Health Science Innovation

Beyond the five benefits, the focus remains on discovering more about the metabolic mechanism by which carnosine and SR CarnoSyn® work to establish immune function and heart health. “There are more and more health benefits of carnosine and beta-alanine being reviewed or published,” said Dr. Tan. “I feel particularly excited about those in heart function…and immunity, healthy mood and anti-stress for brain functions. I think all those functions are really basic and essential for anti-aging and everyday healthy wellness.”

Supplementing requires only two tablets, twice daily. Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner or a natural products brand, we’re here to help you deliver the latest in health science innovation to your customers. “What you can stand behind with a great deal of certainty is science that’s been developed through the scientific method,” said LeDoux.

Learn more about how to create your own branded tablets and add SR CarnoSyn® to your assortment.

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