Beta-Alanine is the Mood-Boosting Solution Consumers are Looking For

Over the past couple of years, there have been significant shifts in consumer behavior. Historically, the health and wellness market focused on solutions for reaching targeted, short-term goals. Consumers’ priorities are now leaning toward a more holistic, long-term approach. An FMCG Gurus 2022 trends analysis ranked the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle as number two in the top ten trends. Their research specifically linked happiness with health. It’s no surprise that mood support supplement sales have skyrocketed with a 75% increase over last year. Products that provide multiple benefits in one are among the most successful. This is why beta-alanine is the mood-boosting solution consumers are looking for.

Cognitive Health is a Top Priority for Consumers

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a 25% increase in depression and anxiety. In the U.S. alone, over 60 million people suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder. One of the greatest lasting challenges is finding work/life balance. Although many restrictions and regulations have been lifted, new hybrid work models remain. Multi-tasking has become the norm with many potential health consequences, including depression, cognitive impairment, and other feelings of psychological distress. Everyday stressors can have a tremendous effect on the body and the brain, which can compound feelings of periodic stress. Consequently, cognitive health is a top priority for consumers and they are seeking solutions.

How Does Beta-alanine Improve Mood?

Beta-alanine is the key building block of carnosine, a powerful antioxidant that provides multi-system support. Once consumed, beta-alanine combines with another amino acid called histidine to form the compound carnosine in the muscle and other tissues in the body, including the brain.

Carnosine has been shown in numerous studies to be very effective at reducing episodic anxiety and depression in numerous models of stress. In several studies, beta-alanine ingestion has consistently demonstrated that it increases neurotrophins in the hippocampus of the brain, which is an area that is responsible for behavior and memory. Neurotrophins provide support for neurons which help to maintain the normal functioning of the brain. Stressful conditions tend to coincide with decreased expression of neurotrophins, which also corresponds with decreases in healthy neuronal function. When beta-alanine was provided to those who were subjected to stress, the expression of neurotrophins was higher, which was associated with reduced incidental anxiety[1].

A recent paper by Varanoske and colleagues was conducted in college-age students, who were provided with beta-alanine for two weeks[2]. Those students who received beta-alanine supplementation experienced significant reductions in subjective feelings of occasional depression. In another study that provided more than 100 adults with a soft drink containing carnosine, it was reported that the consumption of one bottle a day for four weeks resulted in significant reductions in feelings of intermittent depression compared to those adults consuming a placebo drink[3].

The Science Behind SR CarnoSyn®

Over 55 clinical studies support the benefits of SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine and its ability to boost carnosine levels safely and effectively.. It’s clinically proven to provide a wide range of healthy aging benefits, including the ability to help increase mental clarity, concentration, and alertness. Studies show that this wellness supplement can also help foster a more balanced mood and promote a healthy response to everyday stress for consumers. More and more adults have experienced enhanced executive functioning and anxiety relief as a result of taking this science-backed supplement.

SR CarnoSyn® beta-alanine:

  • Relieves nervousness due to common everyday overwork and fatigue
  • Gently soothes tension and resolves irritability
  • Helps the body cope with changes
  • Promotes calm and control
  • Improves the function of other organs for optimal well-being

Learn more about how you can enhance your product line and offer your consumers the stress relief they seek by introducing SR CarnoSyn® into your formulation.

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