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Beta-alanine and Carnosine

The amino acids beta-alanine and histidine are the building blocks of carnosine, a powerful antioxidant naturally produced in the body. Carnosine is highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissue, and is essential for both everyday wellness and healthy aging. Recent studies have shown that the carnosine in muscle health supplements like SR CarnoSyn® can even improve executive functioning, mental clarity and moods.*
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As we age, the carnosine levels in our bodies decrease. Since beta-alanine is the rate-limiting factor in carnosine synthesis, our bodies demand more as we get older. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get the required amount of beta-alanine through diet alone. SR CarnoSyn® offers a science-backed, sustained-release carnosine supplement that promotes healthy aging in the brain, heart, muscles, bones and overall systemic function.

Why not supplement with carnosine itself?

Supplementing with beta-alanine is much better for several reasons, including but not limited to:

Cost of supplements


Due to the high unit price of carnosine, supplements can be up to 25x more expensive than beta-alanine.
Carnosyn digestion statistic


During digestion, the body naturally breaks carnosine down into beta-alanine and histidine. It then has to resynthesize it back into carnosine.
40% beta alanine statistic


Carnosine supplements are typically only 40% beta-alanine by weight. The rest is unneeded histidine and added ingredients.

Molecular weight statistic


Carnosine’s molecular weight is 2.5x higher than beta-alanine.

What makes SR CarnoSyn® so effective?

SR CarnoSyn® is a sustained-release form of beta-alanine so it stays in the body longer.
This enables the synthesis of more carnosine for greater bioavailability within the muscles, brain and other organs.*

Graph showing how long CarnoSyn stays in the body

SR CarnoSyn®’s dosing has also been perfected. Studies show that 2.4 grams of beta-alanine per day is ideal to support everyday wellness and healthy aging.* Higher doses may occasionally lead to paresthesia, a harmless tingling sensation. Rest assured, SR CarnoSyn®’s patented formula has been proven safe, effective and consumer-friendly. In fact, clinical studies have shown SR CarnoSyn® to help regulate immune-system response and protect against free radicals throughout the body.

As consumer demand for immunity support continues to grow, SR CarnoSyn® is proud to offer multisystem support for healthy immune function while boosting long-term immunity. It may also help cells fight oxidative damage and/or improve organ and muscle function for optimal well-being.


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