Distinguish your brand from national-brand competitors by adding SR CarnoSyn® to your product portfolio. Adding this patented sustained release beta-alanine supplement comes with high-value benefits for both your company and your consumers. In addition to providing carnosine, a powerful antioxidant with strong anti-glycation properties to help protect the brain, your brand will be easier to recognize on a shelf full of products with generic or commodity ingredients. You will also be able to provide visible research and front of label claims that are backed by science, helping consumers identify your brand as transparent and trustworthy.

The Beta-Alanine and Brain Connection

After years of rigorous studies, SR CarnoSyn® has been clinically proven to increase the level of wide-range brain functions in executive functioning, attention, task focus, cognitive process, and promote a healthy response to everyday stress. Due to carnosine’s strong anti-glycation ability, it protects the brain and is known to support cognitive function and mental acuity, memory, learning, recall, and foster a more balanced mood. Your product’s labels can directly state these backed-by-science claims, ensuring safety and efficacy to the consumer.

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Evidence in a recent studies1,2, using a serial subtraction test (SST) compared to PL, suggest that elevated carnosine levels may enhance cognitive performance and increase resiliency to stress. These benefits are thought to result from carnosine’s potential role as an antioxidant. Another study3 focused on improving systemic carnosine stores, proved this can be achieved with beta-alanine supplementation, therefore increasing exercise capacity and eliminating declines in executive function during recovery. All three clinical studies showed stress resistance and cognitive improvement in multiple publications.


Add Brain Power To Your Product Benefits

As we age, carnosine levels decrease, leading to declines in overall physical and cognitive function. An aging population and more consumers taking proactive steps to support their brain health have paved the way for an increase in the SR CarnoSyn® demand. In fact, desirable backed by science claims show that SR CarnoSyn® supplementation reduces mental fatigue and improves attention and task focus in adults.

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After years of rigorous clinical testing, one of the most science-backed supplements is available for turnkey private labeling and custom formulation from Natural Alternatives International. With an expanding market and increased demand for healthy aging and everyday wellness supplements, SR CarnoSyn® offers a full array of health benefits for today’s consumers including brain health & mood support, bone health, heart health, muscle health, immunity support & systemic health.

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