SR CarnoSyn® is an All-in-One Solution

Far surpassing reports and projections, the everyday wellness and healthy aging markets are booming. Spending on wellness products and services is currently estimated at $450 billion in the U.S. with an annual increase of over 5%[1]. As consumers continue to prioritize health and wellness, the market is poised for a scientific breakthrough. Backed by years of clinical research, SR CarnoSyn®‘s patented, sustained-release beta-alanine unlocks the many benefits of the antioxidant carnosine. SR CarnoSyn® helps people achieve optimal wellness and get more out of life. Here are the details behind this exciting new product and how you can take advantage of our turnkey private label and custom formulation program.

What is Carnosine?

Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant that’s naturally produced in the body. It’s made up of two amino acids: beta-alanine and histidine. As we age, our carnosine levels decrease. This is problematic because carnosine provides five vital benefits for healthy aging and everyday wellness.

5 Benefits of Carnosine:

  1. Brain Health. Carnosine’s strong anti-glycation ability protects the brain and is known to support cognitive function and mental acuity. The benefits of beta-alanine and carnosine on the brain are well-documented in middle-aged and older adults. Various studies prove beta-alanine can boost attention, concentration, and memory.
  2. Heart Health. Carnosine helps by facilitating the removal of harmful aldehydes which in turn prevents plaque buildup and lipid peroxidation. Carnosine also helps regulate muscle contractions and supports proper circulation and already-healthy blood pressure levels through vasodilation.
  3. Muscle Function. Carnosine promotes muscle quality and function. This is vital to supporting one’s frame, aiding balance, and maintaining strength for everyday activity. While these are very welcome benefits for those who pursue more active lifestyles, they are also important in geriatric care for preventing falls and sustaining independent living. Several respected athletic committees and research institutes have confirmed the benefits of beta-alanine and carnosine including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
  4. Bone Health. Many people lose bone mass density as they age. Fortunately, carnosine benefits bone and joint health through its anti-glycation action. Bone protein glycation, after all, influences the activity of osteoblasts and potentially harmful osteoclasts. Carnosine contributes to overall skeletal integrity by directly protecting the bone structure and supporting muscle function.
  5. Systemic Protection. Carnosine benefits your system in a variety of other ways, too. It helps to regulate immune system response, working naturally within your body to help maintain and support healthy immune function. Its antioxidant properties protect against free radicals and provide multi-system immune support. In addition, it chelates heavy metals and supports blood sugar levels in the already healthy range.

Why is Ingesting Carnosine Directly Ineffective?

From building better muscle quality to increasing endurance and exercise performance, the effects of carnosine are significant and wide-reaching. But supplementing with carnosine isn’t exactly the best way to increase carnosine levels in the body. These are the four reasons why ingesting carnosine directly is ineffective:

  1. Cost. Carnosine formulations can be up to 25x more expensive than beta-alanine.
  2. Efficiency. During digestion, the body naturally breaks carnosine down into beta-alanine and histidine before resynthesizing back into carnosine.
  3. Added Ingredients. Carnosine formulations are typically only 40% beta-alanine by weight. The rest is unneeded histidine and added ingredients.
  4. Molecular Weight. Carnosine’s molecular weight is 2.5x higher than beta-alanine.

What Makes SR CarnoSyn® So Effective?

SR CarnoSyn® is a sustained release form of beta-alanine so it stays in the body longer. This enables the synthesis of more carnosine for greater bioavailability within the muscles, brain, and other organs. SR CarnoSyn®’s dosing has also been perfected. Studies show that 2.4 grams of beta-alanine per day is ideal to support everyday wellness and healthy aging. Higher doses may occasionally lead to paresthesia, a harmless tingling sensation. Rest assured, SR CarnoSyn®’s patented formula has been proven safe, effective, and consumer-friendly. In fact, clinical studies have shown SR CarnoSyn® to help regulate immune-system response and protect against free radicals throughout the body.

Deliver SR CarnoSyn® to Your Customers through Our Turnkey Tablet Program

As consumer demand for everyday wellness and healthy aging products continues to grow, SR CarnoSyn® is proud to offer multisystem support that you can deliver to your customers through our turnkey tablet program. After years of rigorous clinical testing, SR CarnoSyn® ‘s branded tablets are available for private labeling from Natural Alternatives International. In this expanding healthy aging and everyday wellness supplements market, SR CarnoSyn® is poised to be the next big thing for today’s consumers.

Once you choose to add SR CarnoSyn®‘s branded, turnkey tablets to your product line, the next steps in production are simple. We provide expert labeling compliance to ensure your new packaging adheres to DSHEA.

Access all the information you need to inform your customers and promote your branded SR CarnoSyn® tablets with our SR CarnoSyn® eBook. Click here to obtain your free downloadable copy.


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