Top 2022 Wellness Trends: Consumers Are Turning to Supplements for Preventative Healthcare

COVID-19 has had a major impact in consumer habits, spending, and overall attitude toward health and wellness. Immune support, anti-aging and mental health treatment are among the top 2022 wellness trends. 69% of consumers take vitamins, minerals and other supplements to strengthen their immune system[1]. 70% are seeking ways to balance mood and relieve stress[2]. More than ever, people are looking to take a more proactive approach and turning to supplements for preventative healthcare.

SR CarnoSyn® Offers 5 Benefits in 1

Beta-alanine is a key building block of carnosine, a powerful antioxidant that supports healthy aging throughout the body. SR CarnoSyn® is a patented, sustained-release version of beta-alanine. Supplementation with high-quality beta-alanine increases carnosine levels and can provide better everyday health. SR CarnoSyn® is clinically proven to benefit the body in multiple ways, offering consumers 5 benefits in 1:

  1. Brain: Carnosine’s strong anti‑glycation properties help protect the brain, support cognitive function, and sharpen mental acuity. It helps boost mental clarity, concentration, and a healthy response to everyday stress and anxiety.*
  2. Muscle: Supplementing with SR CarnoSyn® promotes muscle quality and function. This is vital to supporting our frame, aiding balance and maintaining strength for everyday activity.*
  3. Heart: Carnosine helps regulate muscle contractions and prevent lipid oxidation in the body. It also supports healthy circulation and already-healthy blood pressure levels through vasodilation.*
  4. System: Carnosine works naturally within the body by providing multi-system support for the essential structure and function of healthy immunity. Its antioxidant properties help protect against free radicals and boost the immune system to help encourage a healthy immune response. Carnosine also chelates heavy metals and supports healthy blood sugar levels.*
  5. Bone: Its anti-glycation action offers benefits to bone and joint health. Carnosine can contribute to overall skeletal integrity by directly protecting bone structure and supporting muscle function.*

The Research Behind the Results

As demand for preventative wellness increases, it is important to note that consumers are not simply looking to increase their supplement intake. Consumers are looking for high-quality supplements that provide multiple benefits. Businesses are looking to deliver products that are safe and backed by research. Rigorous clinical testing has proven the efficacy and safety of SR CarnoSyn®.

The science behind SR CarnoSyn® is evident in the randomized, placebo-controlled study analyzing the impact of beta-alanine on body composition, muscle function, and physical capacity. An oral, nutritional supplement, fortified with beta-alanine, improved physical working capacity in older adults.

In a 12-week, double-blind, randomized pilot clinical trial of non-diabetic individuals, an increase in fasting insulin and insulin resistance was hampered in those receiving carnosine compared to the placebo. Two-hour glucose and insulin were both lower after carnosine supplementation compared to the placebo control group.

How to Safeguard Against Ingredient Shortage

There is another item for consideration regarding the significant demand for quality supplements. The industry now faces supply chain logistical challenges to meet the need. Businesses looking to safeguard against ingredient shortages can turn to SR CarnoSyn® for an all-in-one solution. SR CarnoSyn® protects and elevates your brand while providing consumers with the benefits they need in one single product. Learn more about how SR CarnoSyn® can help you keep pace with the latest trends.

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