What is beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine, or 3-aminopropionic acid, is a naturally occurring beta amino acid and is a component of the histidine dipeptides carnosine and anserine, as well as vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid.

Where in nature is beta-alanine found?

Beta-alanine is found in protein from meat, fish and poultry.

What is the primary benefit of supplementing with beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine is the rate-limiting amino acid in carnosine synthesis within our bodies. Carnosine is vital for everyday health.* Supplementing with beta-alanine has been proven to increase our carnosine levels to provide a variety of health benefits.*

Who can benefit from supplementing with SR CarnoSyn®?

Everyone can benefit from increased levels of carnosine in their bodies. Vegetarians in particular can benefit as their diets don’t contain the proteins found in meat, fish and poultry.

What are the health benefits of increased carnosine levels?

There is rigorous clinical research supporting carnosine’s impact on many of the body’s systems. It has been shown to support brain, muscle, heart, bone, immune and eye health.* It is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from damage due to oxidative stress and the glycation process.*

Is SR CarnoSyn® safe?

Yes, SR CarnoSyn® is Generally Recognized As Safe or GRAS.

What does SR CarnoSyn® taste like?

SR CarnoSyn® is odorless and tasteless.

Is SR CarnoSyn® non-GMO?

Yes, SR CarnoSyn® is a non-GMO material.

Does SR CarnoSyn® contain allergens?

SR CarnoSyn® is free of major allergens. It is gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and it’s kosher and halal.

What is the shelf life for SR CarnoSyn®?

When stored tightly sealed in its original container in a cool, dry location, tablets have a 3 year shelf life.

What is the effective dose for SR CarnoSyn®?

For general wellness and healthy aging the serving size is 2.4 active grams of SR CarnoSyn® per day. This equates to 2 SR CarnoSyn® tablets taken twice a day.