5 major health benefits of using SR CarnoSyn®

SR CarnoSyn® is a patented, sustained release form of beta-alanine designed to deliver beta-alanine over time without reaching the paresthesia-threshold often associated with its supplementation.* Beta-alanine and histidine combine naturally in the body to produce the powerful antioxidant carnosine. Supplementation with beta-alanine has been proven to increase carnosine levels in the body. And, carnosine provides a wide variety of health benefits to support everyday wellness, healthy aging and longevity.*

Carnosine supports brain health.*

Carnosine is a powerful antioxidant. Its strong anti-glycation ability protects the brain and has been shown to support cognitive function and mental acuity. Carnosine may also decrease occasional anxiety, support memory, delay mental fatigue, speed up executive function and increase focus.*

Carnosine supports muscle function.*

Carnosine supports muscle mass and function which is vital to supporting our frame, aiding in balance, and maintaining strength for everyday activity and overall quality of life.*

Carnosine supports heart health.*

Carnosine helps to regulate muscle contractions and prevent lipid oxidation in the bloodstream. It also supports healthy circulation and contributes to maintaining already healthy blood pressure levels through vasodilation.*

Carnosine contributes to overall systematic protection.*

Carnosine chelates heavy metals. It also supports blood sugar levels already in the healthy range. Carnosine regulates immune system response and acts as an anti-inflammatory factor. Its antioxidant properties also provide protection against damage caused by free radicals throughout the body.*

Carnosine supports bone health.*

Carnosine benefits bone and joint health through its anti-glycation action. Carnosine can also stimulate bone growth which contributes to overall skeletal integrity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.